Saturday, October 29, 2011

She's a hambone

I swear i have NO idea where she gets her sassy personality... it HAS to be her father!
I asked Kinsley to cheese for me Friday morning at school because i thought she looked so cute in her little outfit and this is what i got...
I said if she would give me a decent cheese i would give her a spoon for her yogurt...

I don't know if i would call that "decent" but I'll go with it since she's almost 23 month (OMG that means its one month and one week away from her second birthday and i think i just died by her oldness)!

Kinsley's personality has been coming out more and more. From know exactly what she wants (even if we have no idea what she's saying) to "I do it" when i can't help her at THAT EXACT MOMENT.

She still needs me though, so that's nice. Like in the mornings when she wakes up before I've dried my hair (because i only wash my hair every third day she wakes up early on THOSE mornings, thanks) and wants to sit on my lap WHILE i dry my hair. Have you tried to dry your hair while sitting without a mirror and with a toddler on your lap... skill, i have MAD skills!

Kinsley also knows when she wants to use a spoon or a fork. I when she needs one or the other, but when she wants to use one or the other. We might use forks with soup and spoons with pasta, but that's okay. LET HER!

The pantry has a lock on it, along with our new cabinet in the Kitchen. In the pantry is dog food that she will feed NON-STOP to our dogs AND fruit snacks that she will get out without permission and then bug the hell out of you until you open them. The new cabinet is her new playground where she likes to crawl into and hide. Both needed locks.

K loves to brush her teeth, most of the time. She gets to use Elmo, momma gets to use the poop tooth brush. All goes well, unless i didn't get her memo about how i was supposed to use Elmo and SHE was supposed to use pooh... Geezz!~

She's a cutie and tootie, but i can't wait to see what she'll be next!

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