Thursday, October 27, 2011

I just saw Sadie... and K REALLY loves shoes.

So the first part of this post is sad, to me. I know i complain an awful lot about Sadie the Labrador from hell but honestly I love her sweet little puppy face. I hate her big jumping paws and snatching ways but i love her. I went to visit her at the vet and sat down on the floor to pet her in her crate and she just curled up on my lap and laid her head on my knees like "Oh there you are mom! I've been waiting to sleep all day!". I cried. My big pregnant self sat on the floor of a vet hospital crying for my dog to eat and keep food down so that i could take her home. I also might have contemplated curling up in a ball in her crate with her so that she could curl up in a ball and lay her head on my belly like she likes to do, but then i realized this might seem strange to the roaming tech and decided against it, I mean WAS in work clothes and had to return to work.

So we're waiting for her to eat again and hopefully keep that down since she didn't keep down what she ate last night. cross your fingers!

The other day we were out and about and we went past a Rack Room Shoes. So i told the hubs i was going to run in and see if they had black boots for K. We (K and I) ran in, I squatted down to see if they had her size, they didn't, so i turned around to go and MY daughter was on the ground shoes off and trying on whatever pair of shoes she could grab. My heart swelled with pride!

This morning while we were getting ready in her new big girl room (more on that later) she saw her shoes all lined up nicely in her closet. "SHOES!" she squealed with delight and ran over to get her Elmo rain boots. She asked for my help and told her i would help her as soon as she was dressed, so she told me "I Do it" and she got her shoes and insisted on wearing them to school. Girl loves her shoes! I love my girl!

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