Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm at a loss for what to do...

So my poor little girl I think has allergies and so does the pediatrician. But this course of action is making me VERY impatient because I hate to see my little bean suffer.

The course of action is as follows. Trying a few over the counter meds (zertex, clairitian) for a week each to see if they work at all. If those don't work then come in and we'll try nose spray. If that doesn't work THEN we go to an allergist.

Here's my problem. It's been a week, we've moved on to the next OTC med because the first one didn't work. So now my child has been suffering for over 4 weeks. Daycare says that about an hour after I drop her off she starts to get puffy under her eyes and all drowsy and fussy. Then she won't take a good nap. Which then makes her even more fussy and irritable (the girl needs at least 2 hours), so by the end of the day she's an inconsolable bear.

Do i just bypass everything and schedule her for an allergist appointment. Do i follow the course of action. I feel so terrible because i get frustrated with her whining and irritabilness but I know a lot of it she can't help because she doesn't feel good. This sucks!


  1. Is she only reacting at daycare?

  2. Has she had allergy tests at all? Do you think she could be allergic to the dogs at all?