Friday, October 28, 2011

Parker Parker Parker

Yeah that's his name... everyone keeps asking if that's his "official" name and I've decided that it is. Unless Chris decides that it's not, at which case we will done our gloves and throw down, and i will win because who is REALLY going to hit a pregnant woman? mmmkay?!?!

So here's Parker at 23 weeks in my belly
yeah he's a bigen. AND he's a wild man. If he's not tap dancing in my lower abdomen then he's practicing his break-dancing moves and turning flips in my belly. Doesn't help the queasiness when he does this. Kinsley always had a party after i ate. Parker has a party whenever and where ever he chooses. No reason needed for this man to party (oh so like his Dad already~).

Right now my guy is right around the size of a papaya

His face is all formed, just needs to fatten up. He can hear everything and by his movement he likes it. Or maybe he doesn't and is pissed at being constantly woken up. Eh, get use to it kid, wait until you meet your sister, no sleep ever again!

He's very curious. He's been trying out all kinds of different pregnancy symptoms on me. Sciatic nerve issues, tailbone moving (learning bad habits from his sister!), extremely bad acne, constant evening heartburn (even before i lay down), aversion to many smells, aversion to foods still, should i keep going?

We have decided on his nursery bedding... i know you thought we had before but we changed our minds and here it is:

I know i was all "I'm going to do a boat theme without boats" but Chris wasn't a fan of my previous choice so here's what little man gets.
We'll do the top half of the room in a light light blue, the bottom in that dark navy blue you see and then we're going to use a natural rope as the chair rail. There's more but i can't give away ALL my secrets yet!

So yea, we're 23 weeks. CRAZY i know! He's due in just less than 4 months, K will be two in just over a month. Throw in Thanksgiving, Christmas, and dog that has a death wish* and time is FLYING!

*As of Friday afternoon Sadie was still not able to keep food down. She is "looking" better and they are going to give her more meds to help keep food down. Hopefully she'll be home soon. I'll update you more after the weekend.

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  1. Ah! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by this time! I love the bedding you chose and am really loving the name parker! I'm praying for your little pup!