Friday, October 14, 2011

I said it before, i'll say it again...

MATERNITY LEAVE SUCKS... oh that's right, the government doesn't have "Maternity Leave" They have leave you can take if you have a baby, also known as Emergency Medical Leave. You can sign up and have donated to you 6 weeks of leave. Period. The End.

IF i save my leave and try really hard and save, say, 4 weeks of leave, I don't get 10 weeks off with my new born, I get 6... because I can then ONLY accept 2 weeks of donated leave.

6 weeks of leave. Do you know how little that is? If I want to take more leave I have to do so without pay. The government tries to make it all roses and rainbows saying "You can take up to 12 weeks of leave" yeah UNPAID! Where is the silver lining in that? I WORK BECAUSE WE NEED THE MONEY! I would be a stay at home Mom if we could go 3 months without my paycheck!!!!

So now my family has a decision to make again. How many weeks of unpaid leave will I take? Only this time we have one in daycare.

I know some of you are thinking why didn't you plan better and save your leave better? Well here's why:

Each year I'm really lucky. I will earn 156 hours of Annual Leave (around 19 days) and 104 hours of sick leave (13 days). So that's a total of 32 days off!

I would LOVE to take a "normal" 12 weeks off (62 days) but I would be happy with 10 (50 days). Oh, so I only need to wait two years before I can have a kid to have enough leave right?

Well are you never going to be sick in two year? Will your toddler never be sick in 2 years? Are you not going to go on any form of vacation for two years? Will there never be a family, house, etc emergency for 2 years???


AND when you have a husband that has a job that makes it 90% impossible for him to take off with the sick child, that doesn't help. When you have family that lives 7 hours away making any visit to them need to be on a long weekend, that doesn't help.

Maternity Leave, or lack there of, SUCKS

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  1. We should move to canada!!! gov't pays moms to stay at home for a whole year. I think might can deal with the cold for all that!