Friday, October 14, 2011

a little up date

So on the Kinsley front: Zyrtec is AMAZING! It did a complete 180 with my child... so now she's off it. SAY WHAT?!? Yeah when my child and my house is finally happy i like to ruin it by pulling my child off the medicine that is making this possible, kidding!

I took her to the allergist because i wanted to know WHAT she was allergic to. Was this going to be a seasonal thing? A lifestyle? I needed to know. The appointment nurse said there were test they could do if i didn't want to take her off the Zyrtec so like a person crawling through the desert to only JUST find water, I left her on it! The DOCTOR (why can't doctors and nurses communicate better???) did not like this and prefers the skin test, which cannot be done while K is on Zyrtec. The blood test tells general areas of allergies, where the skin test says Yes THAT is the cause, not these other environmentals, and it tells the severity better.

So now my child is OFF of the Jesus Juice (it's the meds new nickname since something that worked that well could only come from the Savior himself). She now gets to snort (or have squirted up her nose) her meds like any decent addict would do. So far we've noticed she's not singing as many Hymns but isn't shouting Ozzy yet either. We just have to make it until Wednesday. Then they will prick her baby soft skin into looking like a quilt and we'll know if the dogs get to stay.

On the other miniature human front, Parker is giving me an UNBELIEVABLE pizza face. and a few of those pepperonis hurt. Thanks. Love you too. I will dress you up as tinker bell for your first Halloween just to mess with you and give you the love you gave me.

I'm 21 weeks to day and so excited! It's only 7 weeks until Kinsley's 2nd birthday AND my baby shower that my BFF is coming up from NC to throw for me with a BFF up here! YEA! I'm super blessed. Oh and that NC BFF? She's a DOCTOR! Uh huh, she got her Ph.D. She's pretty hot shit! I'm so proud of her! Go Christina!

The hubs and I have a MAJOR to-do list for our house (that we've mostly agreed upon) but not that much time to do it. Here's the list and then the schedule

1. Paint K's new room (ceiling, walls, trim, doors)
2. Install fan in K's new room
3. Paint k's new bed
4. Paint K's new dresser
5. Buy K's toy shelves
6. Put together night stand and toy shelves
7. Paint the Kitchen
8. Paint hallway, stairs way, and trim and doors
9. Paint nursery
10. have fireplace inspected
11. create a will
12. paint kids bathroom
13. Decorate K's room and nursery
14. Wash and set up bassinet, pack n play, car seat, swing, and bouncer
15. Was breast pump and buy new supplies
16. Reorganize kitchen with new cabinet
17. Donate/sell some of K's toys
18. Donate/sell K's old clothes
19. Put together Hospital Bag
20. Pre-register at hospital
21. Prepare for maternity leave
22. new car?
23. Add Chris to K's bank account
24. Make a bank account for Parker
25. pick a middle name for Parker
26. Finish plans and have K's 2nd birthday

I know there's more but here's our schedule:
10/15 Take K to pumpkin patch, Friend's annual Pig Roast
10/16 Visit friend's new baby and watch football game with then go to K's friend's 2nd birthday
10/21 5 year anniversary
10/23 K's friend's birthday party
10/29 Sadie vet
11/5-11/6 Friends wedding
11/11-11/13 Go to NC to visit BFF
11/18 thirty-one party
11/19 Friend's Baby shower and another friend's house warming party
11/20 K's 2 year pics, our family pics, and maternity pics
11/23-11/27 Go to NC for Thanksgiving
12/3 K's birthday party day
12/4 Parker's baby shower

NOT A LOT OF TIME THERE... especially when you add in naps for Kinsley and ME! And during the week is just NOT an option for us because i'm a zombie spitting fire by the time 7pm rolls around.

BUT on a positive note... remember the Dog Hair trapper couches? GONE! We got new (to us) ones!!! YEA! I love them, the hair wipes right off! I'm so happy! WOOT!

peace out

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