Friday, October 28, 2011

K's new room!

I told you it was coming and here it is! I still have to put the maternity pics from her old room above the flower decals and some decorative shelves above her bed, but i think it's pretty darn cute!

The curtains are from her nursery.
her closet sucks, see that "step", that's for the stairs below... totally takes away needed space. oh well! she likes that her shoes are at her level~

The lamp, clock, and pink bins are from her nursery as well~

The mirror above her bed was in her nursery, the wall to the right (which is next to the window) will have 2 decorative shelves on it that are still in her nursery. Her bed is a hot mess because that's how she likes it. She likes all of her "things" with her, so i just moved them over from her old room to make her feel at home.

The bed was a hand-me-down gift from our neighbor's mom, it was natural color wood so i sanded it down and spray painted it white.

The bow holder was in her nursery and I made it using a white canvas from Michael's and ribbon I already had, just hot glued the ribbon to the back of the canvas.

The dresser is my FAVORITE! This was a hand-me-down gift from my awesome sister-in-law. She didn't need it anymore and K needed one so it was meant to be! It was a medium/dark wood so i knew it needed some glamour brought to it for K's big girl room. I sanded it and spray painted it and then just reused the knobs from K's nursery! I'm in love!

I found these cute decals and sprinkled them through the room. Above this one will be the 4 maternity pictures from K's nursery. As soon as she walked in the room she said "FLOWER!"

And we can't have a puppy room without a puppy on the wall!

Hope you like as much as K and I do!

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