Tuesday, April 21, 2009

7 wks! And no i don't want to take a picture

Honestly there's nothing new to show except my bloat! I just FEEL fat today and i don't feel like making myself feel worse by taking a picture of it! I haven't gained any weight... but i feel like i've gained 10lbs... glad i haven't but STILL!

So here's where the little man is today!

He's the size of a blueberry! Baby's brain -- both hemispheres! -- is growing fast, generating about 100 new cells every minute. Arms and legs are emerging as joints start to form, and a permanent set of kidneys (baby's third!) is now in place. If you could see inside my womb, you'd spot eyelid folds partially covering his peepers, which already have some color, as well as the tip of his nose and tiny veins beneath parchment-thin skin. Aww grow baby grow! And give me a bump so i stop just looking plump!
How far along? 7Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 0

Maternity Clothes? i swear only like ONE pair of pants fit comfortably!!! Tops are getting tight thanks to my knockers and bloat... so i just feel plump!

Stretch Marks? nothing yet

Sleep? Well it comes and goes from not good to okay. Last night was okay... doesn't matter though, i'm still TIRED!

Best moment this week: Telling everyone at Church and getting on the pregnant prayer list.

Movement? waay to early for any of that

Food Cravings: Not so much CRAVINGS but adversions... i can't eat shrimp right now and i don't like chicken unless it's from chick f la or a chicken nugget. So baked chicken, etc is OUT

Gender: Still going with a boy

Labor Signs: I hope not!

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: A margarita! I needed one yesterday after the day i had!

What I am looking forward to: Just making it another week... taking a nap~

Weekly Wisdom: You may feel fat and ugly but if you tell people you're pregnant they'll just keep telling how you're glowing! lol
Milestones: We're getting the hang of nausea!


  1. I wish I could write this well! great blog thanks.

  2. This blog's where its happenning. Keep up the good work.

  3. Love this blog I'll be back when I have more time.