Thursday, April 16, 2009

I love my baby i love my baby i love my baby

No i REALLY do love my baby but GEZZZ! Honestly in the back of my oh so mislead mind i really thought that i wouldn't get morning sickness, you know b/c my mom didn't. HA BOY was i wrong! OKay it's not as bad as some other people might have it BUT GUESS WHAT... i don't care about those other people i care about MYSELF right now! YEah you heard me! I only care about ME. Me and the fact that i constantly feel like i have food stuck in the top of the throat that JUST might projectile vomit at an unsuspecting individual. Now if i could time this right to hit Chris after he's told me to jokingly toughen up (luckily he hasn't done that lately) or how about that annoying person in my lab that is always coming at me with the most ridiculous request! But no, IF it happens it will most likely be one of my dearest and understanding friends, so if you think i like you... give me room, you might be cursed!

So on Monday the super smell sense kicked in... Joy. I was looking forward to this, you know one of the many super powers you get while pregnant, but it's not as great as they make it out to be... b/c you smell EVERYTHING.... REALLY WELL! You smell the shrimp that you no longer like, you smell the weird foreign food that all these foreigners insist on bringing to work for lunch (will someone PLEASE tell them they are in America and to bring freakin Pizza or PB&J!!), you smell feet, BO, and anything thing else within a mile radius! But what did i get the pleasure of smelling on Tuesday?? Doggie Doodoo. Yep, thought I was! Sadie LOVES getting into EVERYTHING and afterwards her stomach doesn't love her. This became apparent Monday night/Tuesday morning each time i took her outside. UH! But i figure she's just getting it out of her system... WRONG. She was saving it up so that she could spray my whole upstairs, with what Chris has taken to affectionately calling her "butt juice". Yeah hit me like a 2x4 between the eyes when i walked in the house. Now i was SERIOUSLY thinking about just turning right back around and sitting in my car and waiting for Chris to come and clean it up BUT i REALLY wanted to eat some mac and cheese, which i would have to be IN the house to make soo..... UH! Strap on the rubber gloves and away i go. I thought i was going to add to the mess but i was able to keep it down, grudgingly, and clean it up as best i could. Chris finished when he got home. Sadie's fine now... I'm still sick!

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  1. Becca Barnes WysockyApril 17, 2009 at 1:39 PM

    I'm with Sara on the funny! I've actually laughed out loud a few times. I've enjoyed the frankness and the colorful (both literally and figuratively) pictures you paint. I want to congratulate you and Chris on your perfect little miracle. God has blessed you immensely and I am glad to see that you haven't taken it for granted by enjoying the good and the bad. I'll keep reading as long as you keep writing!