Friday, April 17, 2009

Two words: Cheese Steak!

Oh yea ladies that are eating your oh so yummy salads for lunch, i had Cheese Steak in all it's bready, cheesey, mayoy goodness! And it WAS GOOD! I mean i WALKED to get it (like a 20-30 minute walk each way, not too shabby) so i TOTALLY deserved it right? Well Buddy thought so and rewarded me with the most embarrassing GAS EVER! Oh it wasn't just a little rumble excuse me i think i might need to run to the restroom... It was a COMPLETE sneak attack! One minute i standing there just trying to catch up on emails, etc... the next minute I SWEAR the earth shook and i had to check my pants (don't worry we were clean). It was like an unstoppable force! Eh what can you do... But here's the real kicker... So we have ALL read that pregnancy equals gas right... So if we have ALL this gas then WHY CAN'T I FREAKIN POOP ALREADY???!!!?! I mean i get i smell like a gutted dear that's been left in the woods to die for a week in the summer (chris's description, not mine) b/c of the back up but COME ON! If i'm going to risk embarrassing myself, or my job... at least give me the relief of poo!

Okay that's all i have to say about that... for today

But i did want to mention this "pregnancy glow" that everyone talks about (but only tell you that you have it once they KNOW you're pregnant). Yeah this is what i think it all means: Picture this, you have two friends talking about you behind your back (i know GASP!)

Friend A: I mean have you seen her lately, not ONLY is she falling out all around those pants with the worst Muffin Top EVER but her face looks like an adolescents boy who just got off soccer practice and ate a burger, GROSS
Friend B: I KNOW i mean you would think she would bathe with all those zits! And if you're going to get fat, COVER it better
(and i walk up)
Me: Hi guys! How are ya'll?
Friends: Oh we're so good, you're looking amazing! (insert eye rolls here)
Me: (**grinning like i just robed a chocolate factory**) Well THANKS! You see i'm PREGNANT
Friends: OH YEA!!! Congratulations! We were just talking about how you have that GLOW!

Yeah i really believe that b/c my chin looks like a pizza hit it and my eyes have circles (darker then before!) and i often have this stoner look about me where my eyes are halfway closed trying to get me to sleep. Ahh what a "glow"!

Buddy is 6 weeks and 3 days... and i love every minute (*wink wink*)!~

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