Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Picture day~

Yep here i am... not much happening really. Lets see boobs still hurt, but i wear a sports bra to bed now. That helps, unless i try to sleep on my stomach... OOOUCH! I've been pooping lately! Maybe it's all the fruit i'm Obsessed with eating! It just taste so good in my mouth... nomm nomm nomm. I have energy again! weird b/c i'm not in my 2nd tri yet but HEY i'll take it!

Here's the only thing that's bothering me rash

Can you see it? hard to see in a photo... but it's the rash that WAS on my legs a few weeks ago. It's on BOTH arms now... sometimes on my face and trying to make an appearance on my legs again. One doctor here (NIH) thinks it could MAYBE be Parvovirus or "Fifth disease". But we won't know until I get my blood done on Monday. IF I have it there's less then a 5% chance that it will effect me or the baby... Effects can be anemia or miscarriage. There is no treatment it just has to run it course, but my doctor might monitor me and the baby more IF it is that. We'll see. I'm not stressing. I mean why should I there's nothing that can be done anyway. So I just have to trust God. Other thoughts are my Mom thinks i'm allergic to pregnancy and Chris thinks i have the swine flu. hmm should i take votes?


  1. Hey lady! I work in a prenatal genetics testing center, we do lots of prenatal tests....I've been working here 2 yrs and never seen a positive parvo test. Dont worry too much bout that...

    Rashes are actually very common in pregnancy and has something to do with the increased hormones in your system. Another option is you could be allergic to the prenatal vitamins you're taking, which is pretty common as well. Talk to your OB and they can give you a Rx for a better prenatal that is less likely to cause these type of reactions!

    I love reading your blog!! You are so blunt with all the pregnancy stuff! I LOVE IT!!! miss you!!

  2. Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.
    Have a nice day