Monday, April 27, 2009

Ahh what a great weekend!

So Sunday Chris and i had a very nice day. Woke up, went to church, left before Sunday School because i was pretty certain i might puke or fall asleep in class if we didn't leave. We went and bought Stella a new bed, ate lunch (yummm cheese steak!), went to walmart and got my spring flowers, hit up the g-store (YES watermelon FINALLY!), and headed on home where i had a Fantastic poop and promptly took a nice little nap. Once i woke up we cleaned up our huge (.2 acres) yard and i planted my flowers. Then we decided to cap off our perfect day we would grill out steaks and drink Pina Coladas. Oh wait, I'm pregnant... no Rum in mine please. I'll take a virgin. Then it hit me and i couldn't stop giggling... Chris, being used to the fact that I'm my best friend and like to humor myself, kept quite. So i asked him if he wanted to hear something ironic. He said sure, knowing i was going to tell him anyway.

Well i just thought it was funny how the PREGNANT chick is drinking the VIRGIN drink. cruel joke???

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