Monday, April 20, 2009

Morning Sickness figured out!

Well it turns out that this little booger doesn't like to wake up early! See this weekend i got to sleep in until I wanted to get up not when I HAD to get up (well I could have slept longer on Sunday but it wasn't too bad). And for the most part i felt GREAT! I mean tired but not queasy! This morning BAM it's back! And that's when it hit me! Buddy likes to sleep in too! I mean he already SUCKS the life right out of me all day because i'm not taking naps... but now he's punishing me for getting up too early! So what do you think, this is as good as an excuse as any to quit my job? Yes? No? Maybe? Ah oh well... he's just going to have to get over it, like i have. Sorry Buddy, life sucks!

We did have a really cool weekend though getting to tell the rest of our friend at church. I was waiting until Chris could be there with me to tell everyone so it was fun! In our Sunday School class we have this running list of people who are pregnant (either in the class, in our families, or at our church in general) and one of the first things Chris said to me when i told him we were pregnant was "You get to be one the list now!" and i grinned like a lunatic! So yesterday... we GOT ON THE LIST! Yea! lol, i know i'm currently seeking help! ANYWAY, it was just fun to finish telling everyone and know that they will be praying for Buddy and i (oh and Chris and his patience, b/c he's OVER me being too tired to clean the house, oh well).

6 weeks and 6 days~

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