Friday, April 24, 2009

Most Amazing day!

Yesterday was SUCH a great day i must say! It was take your child to work day. Now while i take mine every day HA! okay anyway, i got to take my two nieces!! (no Seph didn't have kids on the sly, it's the girls from my wedding or are one of my very good friend's girls and her husband grew up with Chris so they call me Aunt Erin) It was a blast! NIH REALLY goes all out for the kids. Every institute puts on different activities that they can participate in. Moon bounces are brought in, Cold Stone Creamery came and gave away free ice cream! Even Elmo and Winnie the Pooh made an appearance! It was so neat to spend such a special day with these great girls! And they made their mom and dad proud b/c they behaved so well for me and everyone else and had the BEST manners! It was a day that made me reflect on what kind of parent i'll be and helped me to really look forward to it! Having a connection with those girls where all i have to do is look at them and they burst out in giggles just warms my heart and makes me so excited to meet Buddy!

The girls were also a hoot about Buddy, they hope it's a girl, of course. Plus i told them Buddy likes to eat certain things and not others. So EVERY time i ate something they would say "You are eating that b/c the baby likes it, right?" lol Oh yes i ate the spaghetti, salad, cookies, pizza, and ice cream JUST for Baby, not me AT ALL! It's a tough job but someone has to keep the little booger happy! ~

7 weeks 3 days

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