Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We were so excited to have our best friends come and visit Kinsley! They were on their way from North Carolina back to Minnesota and took a pit stop to enjoy New Years Eve with us! I have to say we weren't the most lively crowd... Chris put his best foot forward but i was well... about like K, sleepy!

Here she is with her Aunt Christina and Uncle Casey

Kinsley also was able to spend some more time with her favorite blog reader... her Uncle Paul... Paul is a BIG supporter of Breast Feeding!

Speaking of breast feeding..... it's going great! The nipples are toughening up and healing! And pumping is great too! I've started quite the little stash for Kinsley! I generally pump at least once every morning... sometimes more... rarely less. So that's exciting for me! My jugs are quite the producers!

Sadly Kinsleys beautiful complexion has been compromised by Baby Acne! It's a terrible thing... Chris keeps asking if she's going through puberty! Geezz~ Bless my child's heart, she's going through puberty AND has horrific gas because Mama wanted yogurt~

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