Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just like with my Dad!

When i was young my brother and I used to go to the park with my Dad while he would play church leage softball. It was SO much fun! I would get to see my church friends, play on the playground, spend time cheering on my Dad, AND I would get to pick weeds flowers and take them home to my Mom when she didn't come with us!

Well, Chris is on a team that was formed by some guys in our neighborhood! The last few weeks have been rainy or he's been out of town so we haven't been able to go, until this past week! It was just as good as I remember, except better because it was MY Northern Cowboy and MY daughter! And I was the one being given flowers, except Kinsley was giving me ROCKS! Magicial I tell you! She had a blast talking to everyone, petting random dogs that were scared of her and playing on the playgound that jumped up and gave her a welt on her forehead! We can't WAIT for next week!

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