Friday, May 27, 2011

I think my ass has left the building

I mean that's the only thing I can come up with for the pain radiating from my hind end. It must have been cut off and the gaping wound is in pain, right?

No, no it's still there, in all of its giggly dimply mass... but it DOES hurt. Why? Because I’m a masacist and have decided to do a 30 day boot camp before I go to the beach in 30 days. I have two a days and I start sweat from minute 3 (the first 6 minutes are "warm up"). By the time I hit minute 10 or so I’m sweating so bad when I get on all fours I decide to make a game of seeing how far I can blow the sweat as it drips off my nose. Hey it entertains me!

Last night as I’m huffing it through mountain climbers I freak my dog out and make her think someone is knocking at the door, OBVIOUSLY I’m not going to be getting a request anytime too soon to be a spy since I am not a stealth climber, imagine an elephant jumping back and forth with its ass in the air... that's me. So as the dog starts barking at me the Cowboy wants to know what the heck I’m doing... HOPEFULLY WORKING MY ASS OFF I say... he shrugs and goes back to one of his survival shows. 

So I will be putting myself through this torture for 29 more days... hopefully I will lose my ass in the end and be gifted with a new one!

Or at least a smaller belly... having a toddler lift your shirt to poke at your jiggly belly with squeals of delight does not do the self esteem good.

Here's K... more details on the Zoo to follow!

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