Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Voting TIME!

Okay, back story.... when i was little my mom was always (okay not always b/c she was a very busy mom, but still) working off and on on these felt Christmas stockings. I Just Loved Them! And they never got finished. I think she still has them~ lol. ANYWAY... i made one for Chris (only took 3 years!)! Well i want to make one for Buddy, especially since he'll be here right before Christmas! So i want ya'll to Vote on which one you like the most. I mean Chris and i do have the ULTIMATE decision BUT honestly i'm finding it REALLY hard to choose... i'll also put my thoughts under each one.

A. obviously we're dog lovers and it's fun to include that on Buddy's stocking b/c i think he will be too... BUT the dogs do have their own stocking so shouldn't Buddy have one, Dog free? Or am i thinking too much here?

B. Now this is a fun one, it's got color, all of the fun friends, sledding! But maybe it's not sentimental enough?

C. Now who doesn't love Santa hugging Snowmen children? How sweet Buddy could be getting hugged! But it's not very FUN is it... color wise... will Buddy like it when he gets older?

D. Now this is fun! Colorful! Family sentimental! But where is the rest of the family (Dogs) and what will my second child think about the fact that Big Brother/Sister has a stocking that doesn't have them on it like they were never born (i know they aren't YET, but i do plan on more then one child).

Okay so there you have it... A, B, C, or D? I will announce the winner later today!!

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