Thursday, January 21, 2010

And me...

So some of you might be concerned with what happens to you post pushing a baby out of your very small hole and i can now tell you about it because i had my 6 week check up. Everything is fine and dandy now! I had a good check up... so you know what that means... well Chris did... it meant we had the green light. Now, as happy was he was with this news, i was just as nervous. It's kinda scary... the last thing that was down there was my daughter on her way out! That's a lot to deal with... so we took it slow. And it was totally fine. It was a little tender at first but then it was fine. We had tried unsucessfully at 5 weeks ( i was still WAY too tender) but now at 6 it was fine... So when the doctor tells you 6 they mean 6 not 5.

I am also feeling good in other physical and mental ways. As many of you know i have depression (previous post... runs in the women of my family, purely chemical, blah blah blah) so i was worried what this might do for post pardum depression... but other then wishing my stomach was flatter, my legs less flabby, and wanting to get out of the house... i'm great! I never went through "my child is not in me withdrawls" and i haven't recented her crying. Honestly her crying rarely bothers me... especially now that i'm following the Baby Whisperer/Baby Wise books. They are such a great help! Since i know her schedule i know if the cry is because she tired, hungry, overstimulated, etc. I know the signs to look for gas, etc. So if she's fussy it's cool... i know she just needs to get it out of her system and i try to sooth her until then.

So if you have any pregnancy questions or concerns please let me know. I'll be happy to answer any and all.. or just questions in general~

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