Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Humble Pie

Wow Kids can really humble you. I was getting all excited and sort of cocky at the thought that MY child had spent TWO WHOLE nights in her bassinet! I thought we were on the road to bliss... yeah that was until two nights ago.

Night before last my darling daughter decided to start fighting off sleep like the men who fought at the Alamo... long and hard... she was not having any of it. I was trying for 3 (yes count them one two three) hours to get this child to sleep and she would NOT go... i was in tears. It sucked big fat hair... well no reason to be vulgar (YET).  In my upset i woke up my sick husband and cried for him to take a turn because i'm obviously a terrible mother... so what happens??? The baby whisperer himself shows up and puts her to sleep in 15 mins. I like to think i wore her down for him.... but right now i'm hanging my head in defeat.

Last night.... BAM like clock work the battle was on again! ANd who comes to the rescue again? Baby whisperer.... oh but my daughter is tougher then that... she's building up an immunity to HIM. He gets her to sleep and then when she smells me, WHAM, she's awake and crying. Seriously i don't know how she finally went to sleep last night... i think i just let her fall asleep on my boob.

So today as she lays napping peacefully in her swing i prepare to take my child out into this cruel world in hopes that she will kick and scream and stare all day in alert awakenness and then give in to sweet blissful sleep tonight...

Hey a girl can dream!

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