Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aww the crying....

Well as Kinsley sits here next to my on Chris's lap crying i'm typing to tell you about it! That and to upload a really cute picture or two!

So for Christmas i gave my brother a shirt that says "Say Uncle" and Kinsley a shirt that says "I didn't do it, nobody saw me, i want to speak to my uncle"... see her Uncle Seph is a lawyer so i thought that was so creative of me... so we took a picture of her in it... it's a little big but still just as cute... here's the first and last photo from her shoot.... very different outcomes!

She's embaressed by her baby acne... she hates photos looking like this!

on her personality update... she still gassy... she's still sort of sleeping in our bed... i put her in her bed after her first feeding of the night... and she's still the cutest baby on the block!

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  1. Never commented before but love the blog! Try rubbing a little breast milk on her acne and that should help it clear up a little bit.