Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby Wise... but is it really?

So according to this book i have created my fussy baby... by always picking her up and trying to get her to stop crying i have created a monster. SO last night i let her cry. At first Chris was all for this... until he realized how long this might take... yeah, then he went to sleep in the office so he wouldn't "get fired" and could get some sleep. Eventually she slept... it was a mixed of crying for 10 mins, stopping, taking loud breaths, crying again. Eventually i picked her up, cuddled her tightly and she shushed and she fell asleep... into the bassinet she went and on to bed i went. It was as terrible as i thought... but it wasn't fun or easy either.

She slept until 2ish where she ate, new diaper and back to bed. Woke up at 6... but i didn't want this to be her wake up time and according to the book i'm supposed to be in charge (right) so in went the passy and I woke her up at 630 (AH HA look who's in charge now! lol).

Since then we've been eating, burping, playing and then sleeping. We're on the end of our second cycle and it's trucking along. I start to think one tire has sprung a leak but then it works again. She cried for 16mins going into this last nap (not screams just... "ummm Mom i'm crying... do something" kind of cries, but i knew she was fed and changed and tired so i left her) and i went in, gave her passy (to let her know i'm not completely heartless and do indeed love her) and off to dream land she went... where she immediately spit out the passy...she just wanted to prove a point i think.

So now i have at least an hour or two sprinkled throughout the day to do stuff... with the rest of this hour i'm going to shower! Yea!!!!

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  1. we were underwhelmed with Babywise. Good for research: .