Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I did it... i left her!

With her G-ma for 3 and a half hours!!!! I pumped for her and everything and as a reward i got to go out and have some drinks! OH YEA~! Mama was a human again! let me tell you Mama was a light weight too! 3 beers and i was tipsy! YIKES!

Once we got back we relaxed with Chris's family and ate some pizza. Then i went upstairs to change Kinsley's diaper and on my way back down stairs what happens??? I fall... ALL the way down the stairs... HOLDING my CHILD! Yes I KNOW! I kept her on top of me so she was fine... i have some really nice bruises though! Luckily that's the extent of our injuries... Kinsley faith in my gracefulness is injured i believe. But at least she's okay and alive to doubt it.... VERY SCARY!

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