Sunday, January 17, 2010

Date night

We did it. Our first official date since Kinsley has been born. It wasn't the first time we left her (second) but for some reason it was harder. I think it was all the "adult talk" about work, etc... meaning me going back to work. UH, i don't know how i'm going to do it... i do miss it some but really... it's going to break my heart and most likely my spirit for a while leaving her to the care of certified professionals. I NEED my daughter!

Well anyway... back to the date. So what do Mom and Dad do to remember this momentious occasion? We dress up (yes i even straighten my hair and wore make up!) and take pictures like we're going to prom:

Yeah check out those milk makers! That's what breastfeeding will do to you! Don't be scared, i wasn't small to start with.

So Chris and i had a giftcard and decided to go to The Red Lobster. It was yummy! Before hand we stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods and on the drive between the two i pumped for my little girl so that could have a few drinks!

OH.MY.GOSH! A margarita has never tasted so good! it's my first since getting pregnant! I had two! i was a lush and WOW i'm a light weight now! lol. Oh but here's the BEST part of having a drink or two... so i first i pumped before hand so she would have that milk and i wouldn't have to defrost some of my stash that i've created AND i have these awesome test strips to tell me when my breast milk is drinkable again! How cool is that! i put some of my boob milk onto the strip and watch it for 2 mins and it changes colors, then if i have too much in my system then it tells me so i can wait it out until i don't! So I'm happy and baby is safe!

Now a little photo to show you what i was dealing all day, which made me very choked up talking about leaving my little angel

Okay that's it... my car and house are now for sale! I'm taking the bus and moving into an apartment so that i can stay home!

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