Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Guess who's one month

I know right... it happened so fast! I can't believe it's already here! Before you know it she'll be 3 months and i'll be back at work and then she'll be one and we'll be having a party and then 5 and in school and then 18 and graduated! UH i can't take it! It's just like yesterday when i was bringing this little blob of cuteness home and kissing her kissy lips and now she's one month old! MAKE IT STOP!

So here's a few photos of our photo shoot!

look at those chubby little Acne cheeks! She's so cute!


  1. Yay for Kinsley turning 1 month! Such cute pictures! She loves the camera! Can't wait to see her when she is almost 5 months!!!

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable!!! :) :) :)