Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It DOES work!

So today was weigh in day! well okay any day is... as long as i weigh in every week or so... well i've lost 2.5 lbs! Yes! I'm .5lbs from my prepregnancy weight! AWESOMENESS!

I'm following my points plan (lost a point b/c i've lost weight!) and working out! Kinsley took an awesome nap this morning that has allowed me to workout! It was great! Wii Fit Plus is awesome and it really keeps me interested to keep going! Plus i'm always sore after i finish!

Today i've also put a basket of laundry away, ate lunch, and SHOWERED! And not just any shower, i shaved my legs and dried my hair! OH YEA!

Well i'm going to go and wake my sleepy baby now or she won't sleep at ALL tonight!

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