Friday, August 21, 2009

I was wondering if it were going to happen...

and it did...

I had another pregnant emotional breakdown.

SOOO yesterday Chris gets home late from work all gruffy and angry at the world and is a little short with me... so what do i do? Comfort him, tell him i'm sorry work is so tough, etc... Yeah right! I'm PREGNANT, HELLO!

No in my mind it's he's taking out everything on me because he's disgusted by pregnant body and doesn't love me and is a mean mean person.

I mean THAT's rational right???

So what does my sweet amazingly sensitive husband do after i've gone up to the nursery to cry heaping sobs that make me gag? He leaves me up there and later comes up and tells me i'm being ridiculous, with (mind you) a very sweet smile on his face.

OKAY BOYS!!! REMEMBER THIS!!! I do get that i was a LITTLE over the top and may have seemed a LITTLE irrational BUT i am pregnant.... let me state that again... I.AM.PREGNANT! So over the top and irrational is just apart of the whole making a child process (don't you remember me crying at the ultra sound??)

So, if/when your wife becomes pregnant and she has a moment similar to this, whether it's about you loving her or her having to make a grocery list, or something in the nursery isn't perfect so she thinks the whole room needs to be redone.... here's what you do...

CONSOLE! COMFORT! Reiterate your love for her and the child. HUG HER! Do not... i repeat DO NOT tell her she's be ridiculous! DO NOT laugh at her! and DO NOT disagree with her... just GO with it and COMFORT! It will pass!

Now if someone would just forward this to my silly husband who likes to joke too much all of the world would be right! I know i'm wearing on him, but honestly it's NOT ME! It's the spawn!

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  1. Why don't they understand that telling us we are being ridiculous only makes it waaaaaaaaaaaay worse? LOL, I feel your pain.