Monday, August 17, 2009

Back off perfect people!

Why is it that when you're pregnant and you're going through all  kinds of changing and pain and emotions you're not allowed to complain. I mean IF you complain then the world of PERFECT pregnant women who had perfect pregnancies come out of the wood work to tell you how WORTH IT it all is. UMM i KNOW! But that doesn't make the pain go away!

So i tell people how i was trying to take a nap the other day but Kinsley got all Kung Fu fighting on my organs and wouldn't let me sleep. They laugh think it's so cute... and in a way it is... BUT would you like to be elbowed in the face? NO??? Why not??? It could be worth it right??? Well guess what i don't like being elbowed in the Kidney! No matter how much i love this little girl and how excited i am to meet her i'm just never going to savor having to wake up at 2:30 in the morning because i'm having extreme back pain and i have to get up and walk and stretch and take medicine, etc. I'm just not...

Oh here's another good one...
Perfect Person: How are you doing?
Me: Oh, i'm good but wow my back is still really hurts from the child moving my tail bone!
PP: Oh hee hee I'm sorry but it's soo worth it!
Me: no shit (sorry for the cursing) sherlock, but how about that child that you love so much comes and back hands you like a piece of meat... Are they still worth it? Yes you could give birth to them all over again, i know... but did you enjoy getting back handed? Yeah well my kidney doesn't enjoy getting sucker punched!

So for all you that had your perfect pregnancies or are too delusional in your happiness of babiness that you forgot about the karate chops, I REMEMBER! It JUST happened to me and i would like to complain... you know Vent... just like YOU vent when laundry is left around the house, etc i want to vent that my child is trying to turn my spine into a tail! So nod, console, empathise, but other then that.... please keep you happy little perfect mouth SHUT!

thank you and good night.

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