Thursday, August 13, 2009

oh dear

Oh Dear Lord! The HEAT THE HEAT!

So normally the heat wouldn't bother e since i'm smart enough to know that my pregnant butt does MUCH better in a nice cool 67 degrees environment! HOWEVER there are times when i must venture outside but i'm smart and make sure they are for very quick things... darting to the car where i can turn up the AC... Darting to a store that has AC... you're getting the trend right???

So what i DO NOT do is take hikes across my campus in the middle of the day... oh wait, that's JUST what i did! Yeah had to go across campus to pick up my boss's Official Government Passport (i feel like theme music should be playing when i say that) and i needed to cancel the gym membership that i'm well... NOT using, lol. Aerobics just aren't my cup of tea right now... ice cream is (and if you have anything to say about that you're welcome to come and visit me when i'm in the middle of labor and try to convince me other wise!). So i did the hike and NO the walking did not kill me! Actually it was great, loosened up my hips... but the HEAT the HUMIDITY! They should make little bubbles for pregnant women to walk around in! It would keep us more active!

Well so lately the heat (real or imagined) has been getting to me and the first place it likes to strike??? my butt.. OOOH yeah, that's sexy BUTT sweat... i kid you not... i still have pretty good looking behind, still pretty perky... but that crease likes to sweat! It's like it thinks it is its' own little aerobics class and must sweat to the oldies... terrible... even worse... when you're on stage at church b/c you're singing with the praise team and they forgot to turn on the air, so not only are you pregnant and hot, but you butt is doing its own music video so you have sweat trickling down your legs like you peed yourself! Yep i'll always wear pants or a long skirt on stage!

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