Thursday, August 20, 2009

more nursery updates!!!

So it's like this... I'm a VERY patient person *cough cough* and since Chris had to work a little later then normal i decided to wait go ahead and put together some nursery furniture. It went down like this

Me: Hey what are you doing?
c: well we just finished up a meeting with the owner and i'm going to have a beer or two
Me: oh ok
c: what are you doing?
me: putting together the dresser
c: you're not going to wait??
me: for what?
c: I don't know
me: Yeah that's what i figured, don't worry i'll let you help with the crib

see the thing is i know that if i wait for Chris time to come around it will, i just might be pushing this kid out of me when it comes around. And for those of you who have not been pregnant before you turn into a crazy person that when you decide that something needs to be done then it needs to be done NOW! NOT tomorrow, NOT this weekend, NOT next month.... NOW! you will feel like the world is coming to an end unless you get your child's dresser put together! SO even though i wasn't feel too hot and i was REALLY tired I put it together... and you know what... i actually slept like a baby for the first time in DAYS (without drugs!). Yeah i didn't wake up until 2 something to pee and then i woke up again with the alarm!! SWEET! It was heaven... now i am having terrible dreams about work, but that's a whole other post!

Now for your viewing pleasure.... more of Kinsley's nursery!


I'm making Kinsley a baby blanket so i think i'm just going to throw it over the rocker to take away from the fact that it's SOOO not her green, but it was the rocker i wanted and it's SOOOO comfy!


look!! She already has some toys and books!!!

babyroom3Tada! the dresser! Isn't it pretty! (please ignore the random cable and closet... still works in progress). Now she needs her changing pad, etc. that's my diaper bag on top!


and this will be her crib... hopefully tonight... don't expect too much, we still don't have the mattress... but isn't that bumper BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!

aww she's such a glamor queen!

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