Friday, August 28, 2009

Need a laugh today?

Okay so i COULD keep this to myself and NO ONE would be the wiser since i was basically alone when this happened... BUT i figured some of you could use a laugh and those of you who are thinking about pregnancy might want a warning.

When you sneeze you will most likely pee.

It's like this... i KNOW by now that if i'm about to sneeze i better clench my legs together as tight as possible (maybe i should have thought of that 6 months ago... HAHA just kidding!) or else i might embarrass myself and whoever else i'm with. BUT there are times that i forget, or when that dagum sneeze just sneaks up on me.

Example: Feeding the dogs.

I used to be able to bend over and fill their little bowls up with yummy Bentiful but now Kinsley either doesn't want them to eat or she just thinks my butt could use some toning. SO i squat... but it's a pregnant squat where you have to spread your legs and you resemble a frog of sorts once you get down there... so yes you can imagine, i'm squatting, like a frog, legs are WIDE open and BAM a sneeze! Now i used to have the dainty little sneezes that everyone would laugh at and say were fake but now that i'm pregnant i shake the earth. It's like rolling thunder coming out of my nose. So the storm hit while i'm croaking like a frog. It was so big that it knocked me off balance and onto my butt, and sadly that's not all. Yes you guessed it, i peed myself. It was like a water gun of pee just shooting out of me... through the panties, through the PJ bottoms STRAIGHT onto my floor. Terrific... even better is that i now have my dogs looking at me like "WHAT did you DO?!! Oh you're in trouble now! You're not supposed to pee ON THE FLOOR!". So i quickly clean it up, clean myself up and try to forget it ever happened.

BUT it did happen and well... that's what this blog is for right? the good, the bad, and the embarrassing!

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  1. OMG!!! That's insane. Wow. That could happen at work too. I don't know about all this... Thanks for the warning! I'm officially freaked out now.