Monday, August 10, 2009

may i just complain?

Of course i can! it's MY blog! hahaha okay and off we go

Friday i get home and i'm all like OOOOH honey, my hips and back hurt REALLY bad. We walk a little and then run a errand and then i lay down at like 830 b/c i'm in so much pain and fall asleep until 130 where i wake up and can't go back to sleep or get comfortable. so i go down to the couch and manage to get comfortable there and after reading for 30mins i fall asleep, wake up after a few hours and go back upstairs and manage a few more hours.

Saturday, wake up... doing okay but notice where i had a cyst previously removed 2 years ago (bottom of tail bone) is starting to hurt. But i clean and cook and do stuff... when i'm like WHOA this IS starting to hurt. So i lay down for a bit before i have to get moving again. That night it hurts to sit. I am ready to go to bed... i'm VERY tired... but my hips now hurt an addition to my back and butt. So i wake up at 230 to redo Friday on the couch. 630 i go back up stair and sleep sort of until it's time to get up for church.

Go to church can hardly stand the sermon b/c my butt is in so much pain... go to sunday school where i'm ready to kill everyone b/c there's no air in out sauna of a room! Then we have lunch and run a few errands and when i get home i try to rest before we go to a BBQ. Go to the BBQ and stands most of it b/c MY BUTT hurts. Go to bed last night after chris rubs my back to wake up to either 1. my butt hurting b/c i rolled on my back or 2. my butt CHEEK hurting b/c my hip hurts so bad it's giving my cheek a charlie horse! I mean seriously?!?!? Charlie horse in the BUTT?!?!? Who thinks of this stuff???

So i'm tired, in pain, can only take regular strength Tylnol and ready to kill the world.

love ya! promise!

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