Monday, August 31, 2009

Okay so we KNOW pregnancy makes me insane... why fight it?

This is all a progression so work with me here okay?

It started on Saturday... Chris and i were running errands. I wanted to go to Michaels to look for a shelf for Kinsley's room. SCORE found one and after my 40% off coupon it was $9 yes that's NINE! so i'll paint it white with leftover room paint and wha la beautiful. DANG okay add to my to do list paint shelf...

Sunday: we're hitting up the baby stores with my mother in law and the whole time i had an ulterior motive... i KNEW i just KNEW if i could get Chris into that store i could get the mattress for Kinsley's crib! So we find mattresses... i test them out (seriously i was rolling around on the ground of them testing them for comfort and firmness) and i pick my mattress. I pick it up and give it to Chris to carry to which he replied okay, scan it. UMMM NO NO NO we NEED this NOW! "Erin just put it on the registry, someone will get it" me: "NO THEY WON'T! I don't know that many people!!! and we have SOOOO MUCH other stuff on the registry that i need that if we get this there will still be PLENTY!! We have to get it"... well his mom jumps in at this point and tries to convince me to put it on the registry to which i reply that my shower isn't until the end of OCTOBER and i'm due at the beginning of DECEMBER so that's NOT enough time and i want the nursery done regardless if she won't even sleep in it until March or so... to which Chris chuckles and says "mom we have to get it, there's only 3 months left, we're running out of time! FINALLY he SEES my reason, then i notice the eye roll... jerk.

But in the end we get the mattress and i leave floating out of the store on cloud nine because IF we don't get our bassinet then Kinsley will at least have a crib!

And then today hit.... i go into the registry to take off the old mattress that we had on there and guess what... it's bought.... yeah i know. BUT here's my logic! IF the person who bought this ISN"T family and they give it to me at the shower then i can return it and get OTHER stuff that we equally need or put it towards the breast pump b/c you KNOW NO ONE wants to buy a breast pump.

Oh and then i look at my count down ticker... 99 days left.... that's right DOUBLE digits! oh i'm a hot mess right now... FREAKING OUT! So i know you're supposed to wait until the shower for your stuff but my shower is like a MONTH before the baby gets here... now i know in YOUR mind a month is a long time but that stresses me out! I like to have stuff DONE, FINISHED, COMPLETED! so that i'm not rushing at the last minute and the last month feels like last minute to me...

I NEED to get her room done. I NEED to wash all her clothes. I NEED to get all her things put together (swing, pack n play, etc). I NEED to get my house in order.... i NEED to paint the house, fix the carpet, replace lighting fixtures, paint the front of the house, plant mums, decorate for fall and then Christmas. I NEED to finish her baby blanket. I have this list building and building in my head driving me crazy and now she's going to be here in 99 days (give or take a few)!!! It's really terrible they can't give pregnant women something for this like vicodin(sp?) or shots of vodka or something equally relaxing. Sounds like i need a plan, or a schedule, or heck, some common sense???

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