Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to Barbados!

So ever wonder what the wildlife is like in Barbados? No? Never thought of it? Me either honestly... i mean who really sits around and thinks of random places and wants to know what the wildlife is like, weirdos.... well since ya'll are normal and don't care, i'm going to tell you anyway! YEA!

So there aren't any snakes (or at least so few no one is worried about them) b/c back in the day (before cars, etc we're talking WAY BACK) the sugar cane people brought over muskrats and they ate them all up. Yep all of them. We did see a few muskrats while on the island but they decided they didn't want to pose for a picture, oh sad for you.

So now the adventure begins... we had heard and read that there are monkeys on the island... but alas they did not want to introduce themselves to us SO we had to go and find them... and where did we look since we're the ever educated explorers? The Animal preserve... on the other side/end of the island! Fun! More Barbadian roads!

So we get there and walk through a really cool rock entrance, oh and pay like 10 bucks a person... and we're looking and NOTHING! But you know what we see a TON of???? Turtles... oh but not just ANY turtles... these are horney turtles. Yes you read that correctly. These are horney humping turtles. Don't believe me???

 Yeah we'll they were just setting up but i PROMISE they were NOT alone. Everywhere you walked in the place you saw turtles, i swear there had to be hundreds and all you heard was UH UH UH UH, the grunts of a male turtle getting some.... and they would take their heads like little tickers on a clock from one side to the other and it was like they were counting the thrust, UH UH UH UH, CHING start over again UH UH UH UH, okay you get the idea.... anyway that was very entertaining.

Oh so back to the monkeys. Well we were told it's feeding time so off we went through the very "well" laid paths, with my wheel chair bound grandmother... and then her wheel blew, what GREAT paths... until we came across this...

 Enter MONKEYS! Now i don't have a lot of jokes about them, b/c they didn't throw poo on us and were very cool or watch, especially walking all over the turtles, so i'll just give you some pictures and let you enjoy...

to say the least Chris and i thought this was pretty cool... So did the entire family... so off we went on the search for another adventure!

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