Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So what's wrong with me???

I'm pregnant... that's what! I'm serious. Remember that excruciating debilitating pain in my butt (no not Chris, haha... he's been GREAT actually) well it's NOT a cyst coming back to ruin my life... it's MY CHILD! Sort of. See you have this little point at the bottom of your tail bone...

There at the bottom... see that thing called the Coccyx? Yeah well it looks like a little nothing doesn't it... well apparently it's tired of us thinking so and is taking its revenge out on me! See between my laziness of wanting to recline, lean, rest, etc and Kinsley's uncalled for need of more room.... they are working together to move that Coccyx so that it feels like my tail bone is broken. Here's how i found all this out...

Went to the OB/GYN yesterday in tears about all my pains but mostly my butt. Telling her PLEASE i'll deal with my back and both hips just PLEASE fix my butt! So she wants to see the spot and starts poking around (umm I told her it hurts why does she need to make sure???)... so after i gasp, cry, and slightly scream she decides there's nothing she can do besides give me pain meds (more on that later). BUT she does give me a note for work and mentions a orthopedic. Yeah so i'm thinking... orthopedic isn't that for old people with feet problems?? no it's for me.

Well this AWESOME nurse, my favorite at the practice, knows someone upstairs at the orthopedic office and gets me right in (practically, i waited 15 mins). I explain to the nurse what is going on and the doctor comes in having been briefed and says he knows exactly what's going on and he'll tell me how to fix it right away. I just need to turn around so he can make sure he's right. So i turn and do you know what he did???? He POKED ME!!!!! I mean he KNEW the spot, went right to it with his stubby little finger and BAM hit it right off... this of course caused me to have the calm reaction of SCREAMING and jumping, and gasping and TRYING to hold in all the curse words i wanted to throw at him.

Well he was quite proud of himself and said, Yep i was right... WELL GREAT i'm so glad you weren't WRONG and wanted to keep poking! So know what he tells me??? No more leaning on the couch, back in bed, against walls, back in my chair at work. I must Sit up straight yet slightly forward and maybe with a small hunch if need be OR lay flat. And that will magically make it all better.... IN A FEW WEEKS! Yeah, in a few weeks i MIGHT not have this terrible stabbing pain in my butt. Well i only have 17 weeks left in pregnancy so, maybe the pain will leave when Kinsley does! HA! So not funny.

So now i'm carrying around my Tush Cush... yes that's the name of my pillow that i sit on... it's a padded incline pillow that has a U shaped hole cut out where my crack is. Very effective. Sort of.

So thanks Kinsley for moving my tail bone and everything around so that my hips, back, and butt hurt... you're worth it, but i WILL remind you of this every day of your life!

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