Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm pregnant

i know WOW news flash but today, i'm REALLY pregnant. I seriously feel like child is trying to rearrange my body in addition to making it bigger... it's just HUGE! She's going straight out but there's no where to go out there so she's forcing skin that doesn't want to move to move. Not to mention she's now found my ribs and is playing them like a piano. oh wait no more like a xylophone (remember those thing where you take a wooden stick and pound it to make music).... yeah well guess what... my RIBS DON'T MAKE MUSIC! they hurt, they like where they are and they would like it if YOU KINSLEY would leave them be!

SO i feel huge, i am nauseous, and i'm emotional... i was telling a co-worker about it and almost started CRYING! What the heck!?!? Crying because my bowling ball of a baby is trying to make a strike out of my ribs.. i know this is normal, this is to be expected... BUT I WANT TO COMPLAIN TODAY!

thank you still don't feel better but it's nice to get it off my chest... Belly shot to come b/c you really have to see this!

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