Thursday, August 27, 2009

25 Wks

Well actually it's 25wks and 2 days, whateve!

So i would like to take a minute to point out a few things in this picture... FIRST the NC State banner above my head WOOP! Go Pack!

Second the fact that you can SEE 2 of my three cups on my desk (fluid is very important
Third my butt pillow... yes that is what i sit on everyday all day to keep my tailbone intact
Oh How about a forth!!! My butt is still cute! She's letting me keep my butt so far! She's completely taken over the northern hemisphere of my body but i still have my butt!
How far along? 25 weeks 2 day

Baby's weight: I think she's over 2lbs now!!!!

Stretch Marks? no

Sleep? you know i'm over this question b/c it stupid... who gets sleep anymore?? NOT ME! I won't get it later either b/c i'll have a screaming infant... so whoever said "sleep now to store up" is a JERK b/c you can't!

Best moment this week: Chris felt her move!!!

Movement? Yes we're doing a little mambo number five!

Food Cravings: burgers. period. the end. oh i like taco salad too!

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: no

Belly Button in or out? barely in

What I miss: having shopping stamina

What I am looking forward to: seeing my family next weekend

Weekly Wisdom: Blogs work... you get to vent and when husbands read them they are nicer to you!
Milestones: Well we have a nursery! All the furniture is together, almost all the paint is done, now i just need to decorate!!! YEA!

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  1. First game of the season is next Thursday night!! Go Pack!! (insert wolf-hand here)