Thursday, April 8, 2010

Holy Freaking Southerness!

So I read a lot of other Mommy's blogs and one that I'm addicted to is Heir to the Blair. Well she recently listed this site on her blog and i'm slightly obsessed! The jewelry is just so amazingly southern glam I can hardly stand it! I mean i can't afford most of it but OOOOH if i could! Here's a few of my favs!

OMG i LOVE BIG jewelry! How freaking delicious is this?!?!? It's big, layered, brown, pearl like AND has glamorous accents! Swoon!
I LOVE stacking rings, have since high school... wedding ring/engagement ring is sort of like a stacking ring... love!
Yellow is AWESOME this year! You can win this ring on Blair's blog... i would never be so lucky BUT if i were!
The bracelet should be buried with me when i die! It's to die for, seriously! It's out of control how perfect it is and how perfect it would go with everything i own!
How can you not like dangling earrings with pearls and bows? Seriously!
OMG, it's a work of art, she has combined my two favorite things, pearls and ribbon! Swooning again...
Now this might be a bit much for some of you, others might be thinking it's from their grandmothers closet, but grandma is hip again and so is this necklace! I need it and want it but there's no way a can justify it's cost to my sweet husband....

Well there's many more but this is just a few that i will find a way to one day have! So amazing!

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