Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anyone want two amazingly cute dogs?

No not REALLY, i couldn't give up my little furry babies anymore then i could cut off my right arm... but i don't know what to do... i REALLY think Kinsley is allergic to them. Not rush her to the hospital, stick an epi pin in her allergic, but constant runny nose and congestion sick... just like Chris. I vacuum... oh do i vacuum, but as soon as i'm done... there's hair.

Here's the other problem... they sleep with us, they lay on the furniture, they are like true family members. It's been going on for 4+ with one dog and 7 years with the other... what can we do? It seems cruel now to change everything on them... UH!

any tips, etc would be GREAT!

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  1. Oh No! Poor K! Also, I didn't know Chris was allergic!!!! Check with your pediatrician to see if there is some test to determine that it is in fact the pups. It could be something else around the house/at the daycare. Can't wait to see your pics from the Bahamas!!!
    ~ Christina

  2. Suggest trying the "furminator" brush on them. works wonders on my dogs and really cuts down on the shedding. To start give them a good strong bath and brush out. Then brush with furminator once per week.