Friday, April 9, 2010

Hair cut????

So I'm debating getting my hair cut... but i can't decide.

It's LONG now... longer then i've ever had it, and i DO love it... BUT it's a lot to deal with... AND Kinsley is starting to LOVE pulling on it. SOOO doesn't feel good! But i know i will still want to be able to pull it back if need be so a super short bob like i had before is out... here's before... current... and what I'm thinking MAYBE

Previous bob i grew it out from.....
Current Style.... lots of layers, halfway down my back...
Thoughts on a new style:

Do i dare? too short? what do you think?
What i hated about my bob was that i had to style it EVERY.DAY.! No option not to unless i wanted to look like a hot mess... what do ya'll think???

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