Monday, April 5, 2010

We're Back!

And i left my camera cord and charger at the resort! Can you believe it?!?! I have the BEST pictures to upload and they are stuck on my computer until that dang cord arrives! UH!

BUT, in summary... the trip was AWESOME! Kinsley was FAN-Freakin-tastic! She was such a good little girl! I'm so proud of her! She was so good on the planes (everyone around us said so!), she was so cute out and about the resort! AND she even was pretty good at night, only waking normally once! She did have a "moment" here and there, but that was mostly in the room after being outside all day so we didn't blame her and just hung out inside then.

and get this... She ROLLS OVER! She will roll from her tummy to her back! Incredible! I'm so proud of her! It's not just a fluke either! She KEEPS doing it! I'll post the video, again AFTER i get those cords.

Well i hope you all had a wonderful Easter and i'll update you more when i have the pictures to go with the story!

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