Thursday, April 15, 2010

Homework already?

Yeah so I look in KK's box on Monday and there's papers to take home... i throw them in the bag and promptly forget about them. So we get home yesterday (after finding out she has a fever, most likely due to teething) and i see them on the table and think "i should probably look at those"... so i do and do you know what??? The Kid has HOMEWORK! Yeah! At Age 4 months! I mean seriously?!?!? The note says to take this paper doll and decorate it with your child to represent her and her family. Yeah OKAY! Let me take my 4month old and give her some scissors and glue! GREAT idea! She can then cut her mouth open after she glues it shut from sucking on the glue... forget about markers or crayons, i don't feel like seeing multi colored poop for days!

So what does all this mean??? It means I, the Mommy, have to do it, OBVIOUSLY! And since it's SOOO obvious that her Mommy will be doing it FOR her i knew it had to be pretty decent since, HELLO i'm not 2! SO i got out the scrapbook stuff and went for it! It was actually kind of fun!
I would like to point out a few details: Notice the mandatory bow! Do you see her earring? They are little rhinestones! She has a cross bracelet and we could never forget the puppies (even if we do want them to go sleep somewhere else)! I think i did pretty good, if i do say so myself! A+ to me!

And now it's McFatty Thursday and this weeks edition will be in the form of a Vlog!

So what do you think? Should i vlog again? Let me know! Hey if you want send me a webcam and i'll vlog CONSTANTLY with Kinsley at home! You'll get the two of us for the price of one!

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