Monday, April 12, 2010

Little bit of a melt down and NEW shopping fun!

So i got my hair cut this weekend... photo to follow... and while there we had a bit of a melt down. I've been very stressed lately, feeling like a single mother because Chris's job is entirely out of control. So Saturday i go to get my hair cut. There were no husbands, grandmothers, or friends that were around to watch Kinsley so I took her with me... she's been in a good mood~

I feed her before we go in... she's ALL smiles. I'm getting my hair washed and we're still smiling!
I sit to begin the cut and just as the first snip is about to happen... Kinsley decides she's DONE!

Great! I try to comfort her, NOPE.... i try to FEED her, NOPE! Nothing is working! I'm now THAT woman with a screaming infant IN a salon! Uh I know i know!

Just as i'm in tears a VERY pregnant stylist comes over and offers to hold her, SWEET! And Kinsley is perfectly happy for the rest of the time! Doesn't help that i know that MY stylist never wants children~ Great!

Oh so I LOVE children's consignment stores! I mean they are only going to be in the clothes for 2-3 months max so why waste a lot of money on them right? Well there's this new website where it's an online clothing swap! How cool! You put a box of your gently used, still in great shape kids clothes on there and pick up other peoples clothes! How cool! I've picked my first box so when it arrives i'll let you know what i think... but here's the other good part... you get to rate the people that you receive boxes from! So eventually you an save your favorites and steer clear of the crappy ones and all you pay is shipping for your box!

You might need an invite to join so let me know if you want one and i'll send it your way!

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