Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The only good thing about being a working mom!

So we've been MIA, i know... but for good reason... i was at deaths door! Seriously! I had that 24 hour stomach thing that was coming out both ends.... oh it was TERRIBLE! I was shaking, tingling, i was dizzy and light headed, not to mention coming out BOTH ENDS! Uh!

Luckily though i have the best husband and mother-in-law. She came over and took care of Kinsley while we went to the ER and then stayed while Chris took care of me and the house. Chris helped me bathe (because you have to take a shower after you poop your pants one the way home when you were trying to release gas, yeah great!), got me lots of drinks with electrolytes in them, bought stock in chicken soup, and then he cleaned the house!

Today i'm doing MUCH better but my stomach is still hurting quite a bit and well, lets just say i'm not letting one "sneak out" still, and i'm still tired... BUT thanks to being a working Mom i was able to take Kinsley to daycare yesterday and go home and REST!

Seriously, yesterday i have never been so grateful for daycare! She didn't stay a whole day, but being able to drop her off at 8 and pick her up at 230 and to get to sleep and rest that whole time was amazing!

I puffy Heart Daycare!

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