Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why did you give this lady a camera, photos.

Okay so we all know that every picture we take of our children is not always the best shot... that's why we blind them with the flash, because one out of 50 HAS to be good right??? Well here's some of the not so good.... some you've seen, some you haven't... enjoy

"Do you know what i just did in my pants???"
"I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too"
"Dude, that was some strong sh!t"
"Make her stop! Make her Stop!"
"She's crazy i'm telling you, CRAZY!"
This is Kinsley impression of a grumpy old man.
"oh the thumb, oh good, it's still there"
"Holy crap lady, FIND THE THUMB! FIND IT!"
"What did you put in that milk~"

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  1. These are great. We have some BAD outtakes. I typically take 30-40 pictures and get about 3 or 4 good ones out of the bunch!