Thursday, April 1, 2010

WOW! A Year ago...

A year ago today I found out i was pregnant! Can you even begin to grasp that? I can't! A year ago today my life was changed forever. I woke up after Chris left, DYING to pee, but holding it in so i could get the most important pee of the day on a tiny little stick. I squinted trying to make out if I was seeing what i thought i was seeing. I peed again (where all this pee came from magically i don't know), took a shower, looked at those lines! Called into work sick (because there was NO way i would be able to do any work... i WAS sick, sick with happiness and anticipation for Chris to get home) and waited for walmart to open, because i didn't trust those lines, i NEEDED to READ that i was indeed pregnant.

I peed again and the most Magical words appeared on that expensive little pee stick "Pregnant"! We did it! First shot out of the gate PREGNANT!

Little did i know what a journey it would be. Full of fat days, belly days, cravings (yumm Burgers!), and the moment where we were told "something" was wrong. My Hcg levels were not right, they were very very low... BUT i was 12weeks pregnant and she was measuring GREAT! No one knew what that meant so as a result, we got to see her EVERY month! Each month Daddy and I would get to stare in wonder at our amazing baby girl. Wondering, hoping, and praying that she would be okay! She was always MORE then okay! She would measure ahead at each and every appointment putting our fears to rest.

When we found out we were having a Kinsley instead of a Cole we were ecstatic (especially me since i knew i could indulge in my bow fetish)! We quickly finished putting all the girly touches on the baby registry and got busy making a beautiful nursery for Kinsley to sleep in.

Our days became filled with sleeping (mostly by me!), pushing Kinsley's feet OUT of my ribs, classes to learn how not to injure our child, and prayers. Prayers that she would be okay, prayers that WE would be okay, and that we would be good parents.

One year ago today our lives changed dramatically, i don't think we fully realized THEN how lucky we were. But One year later, looking at our 4 month old daughter we do! Even after the sleepless nights, the poop explosions, the cracked nipples, we know we are truly fortunate and blessed. Because despite it all we have a perfect little girl that will give us smiles and laughs despite the fact that she's teething and has a stuffy/runny nose. We have a little girl that will sing to us and tell us all about her day even though she doesn't know how to speak yet. And we have a little girl that is the perfect mix of her Daddy and I and she is the most perfect blessing from God.

I look at her little dimple and just stare in wonder and try to figure out how did i get so lucky, one year ago today?

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