Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today i will be "running" a 5k at my work. I can't remember WHY we're doing this or more importantly why I PERSONALLY am doing this but I am, i paid $10 and told my friend i would so i am... get the paramedics ready because NO i have not been "training", actually i haven't jogged since before i was pregnant! Yep, this should be good...

So i promised you, now here's a picture of my "My Stash"! This is all in the basement deep freezer. It rarely gets touched and is always added to! I usually only dip into the stash on Monday mornings for daycare. And i don't need all her bottles from there because i always pump enough for at least one each morning. Plus when we go out i always pump ahead of time so she has milk. Each of those bags hold 2+ oz each. I think the average is 3 in each bag, some more, some less. I think i have one maybe two months of supply there? Yes?

This is not just an extremely cute picture of my daughters bottom, it's also her birthmark (or what Chris and i believe is her birthmark). See it? It's really faint, it's the dark shadow on the right side right above the hairy patch above her crack (gentle i know). Ever since she was like a month old Chris and i have been asking each other "Is this a bruise?" so now we're chalking it up to a birthmark! CUTE!
Now prepare yourself for the cuteness that is about to ensue.... sleeping baby this morning as we arrive at daycare.... bestill my heart i just want to SQUEEZE her she so cute!

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  1. Aw, so cute! I can't wait to squeeze her in a couple of weeks! Good luck on the 5K today! Love the new hair!