Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Raining Tears

Dear Kinelsy,
So yesterday you and i took a walk with your boyfriend and his best friend (and their Mommy's). We were a regular stroller brigade! When we got to the back of our neighborhood and we were coming back the heavens opened up and laughed at us. I mean it was like the angels were hovering over head with buckets and they were just dumping them on us.

When it first started it was a heavy drizzle. You were sleeping and staying asleep. Then the angels got bored and decided to up the game. You were NOT humored. You woke up and cried, so i picked you up out of your stroller, from under the safety of your awning (even though it wasn't flood proof) and carried you the rest of the way.

We arrived home to Daddy (wouldn't you know THIS would be the ONE day he got home early) SOAKED. I don't mean wet, i mean we might as well have jumped into the pool with all of our clothes on. My underwear was even wet. SOAKED!

So after laughing at us (b/c it was warm so we were not in danger of catching a cold) he ran us a warm bath and in we hopped! We had fun splashing around and later Daddy even joined us in the bath (yea for big garden tubs!)! It was such a fun family moment in time. You were splashing and bouncing back and forth between us, just magical all the happiness.

So then Daddy got out and you, wild little girl, ready for bed. I came in and nursed you and put you to sleep. Later before we went to bed, I decided you needed a "dream feed," I just HAD to hold you one more time. Daddy picked you up, gave you to me. I fed you and cried. I cried for the immense amount of love I feel for you and for the man that gave you to me. I cried thanking God for this little miracle in my life and asking him to help me to be a good Mommy to you. Daddy came back. Smiled at me. Took you and laid you back down to sleep. I wiped away my silent tears. Then, my Cowboy put his big strong Daddy arms around me as we looked down at our little miracle and we just shared that moment. A moment that i will always cherish and never forget.

I love you miracle. You're such a blessing.



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