Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poop and the tide pen

Well it was one of those mornings. It was SOOO hard to get out of bed. I REALLY didn't want to but I had to so I did.

Then I got ready... I got K ready... and we were late.

So i plop her on the floor while I finish getting her bottles, etc together and i hear grunting. I turn to look and see what's going on and it's the poop.

She's bending over grunting and pooping all up her diaper. I go to change her and yep... there's a little line on her shirt. UH! Are you serious!?!? i don't have time to change her clothes! It's no small feat to change this child's clothes now with how much she twist and turns and kicks and pulls, etc.
So I take a moment and thinking over while i'm putting her new diaper on and think "You know Erin, your tide pen has gotten out blood before, SURELY it can get out a little poop"! So i put her back together and get the tide pen and you know what? Worked perfectly.

Now don't get me wrong... if it was a big back covering spot i wouldn't have tired the tide pen, we would have changed. AND if i would have had more time i would have changed her. BUT i was already running late and it was only a tiny little bit soo... WHATEVER! Don't judge me!

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  1. Ha, no judgement shall be passed by me! Love it!