Friday, July 16, 2010

You Shook me ALL NIGHT LONG!

So there was an earthquake here today, no i'm not in California. I'm in good ol' Maryland! Yeah it was a 3.6! Pretty WOW for here. It happened at 5:04 this morning. Chris was just about to step into the shower. I was trying to come to grips that it was indeed morning and i should have been up 15 minutes ago, then the whole house shook. My naked Cowboy came flying out of the bathroom asking if i had felt that, well, INDEED i HAD. Sadie started barking at the wall, thinking maybe the rowdy neighbors had moved back and Stella hid under the bed, scared the fireworks had been taken to a whole new level.

So Chris and I run to the front of the house to look out our window to see if the neighbors are out, mind you Northern Cowboy is still buck naked. Well they are so he sends me down (in my lovely PJ's) to check things out and make sure we aren't crazy. Sure enough, the neighborhood watch concurred, they all felt the earthquake. So i went back in and told Chris that we weren't crazy, BUT we turned on the news JUST to make sure it was a quake and not a bomb or something (people we live close to DC, it wouldn't be our first Tupperware party). And sure enough, despite all the murders, wars, etc in the world EARTHQUAKE IN THE DC METRO AREA was top news!

So was it scary? No (Kinsley didn't even wake up). Is it BIG HUGE NATIONAL NEWS? No. Was it kind of exciting and fun to talk about? Yea

Gotta love when you go get your hit of Starbucks everyone is asking each other... "Did you feel it? What were you doing?".

Ahhh nothing like a little exciting drama to start off the day right~

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